25 October 2011

Visions of Skinlessness

Today I sit in peace and quiet, immersed. I'm reflecting on the sound my body makes when I breathe. It creeks a tiny bit, somewhere underneath the skin that I can feel moving between each heartbeat.

Thu-thunk. Thu-thunk.
My skin is crawling.

Thu-thunk. Thu-thunk.
It crawled away.
And slipped right under the door.

What should I do? I can't go outside exposed like this, but I don't want it to get away, it's the only skin I've ever known!

Thu-thunk. Thu-thunk.
Oh look! I still have my fingernails. I thought they might have slipped off with my skin. At least I have them.

Thu-thunk. Thu-thunk.
Skinlessness! I seem to have happened upon a theme. The main characters in a book I'm writing are a piece of skin and the animal from which it was skinned. And prior to writing about them, I've also written about having my skin pulled off by my very own hairs. Now once again, I'm seeing myself without any skin!

What might all these visions of skinlessness mean? Tell me internet!

The closest thing I could find was the definition of skinlessness in dreams, which reads,
To dream that you or someone else is skinless suggests that you are having difficulties in sensing your emotional and psychological world. You are experiencing anxieties about how you are being perceived by others. You need to look beyond the superficial and find the sensitive truth about yourself and about others.
I'm not exactly sure who wrote this dream definition, but it's posted all over the internet, in exact words, without credit given. Whatever happened to bibliographies?

Thu-thunk. Thu-thunk.
I've just discovered a direction to take my skinless characters next—a quest to find the sensitive truth beyond the superficial about you and me! It's located just beyond the place where anxiety flows from how we're being perceived. To find it, we just have to breathe.

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bastardbakerphotographmaker said...

i'm looking forward to the tales from this epic journey. until then i will remember to breathe. breathe. stop breathing. breathe.

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