22 October 2011

It's Sensational

So, reading. Huh? What do you think about that? Words. Words. Wads of words wiggling somewhere between your eyes and ears, right behind your knows, I mean, nose. It's sensational.

I'm inside your head! Can you see what I'm doing? Of course not! Because I'm behind your eyeballs! They are moving—well, wiggling is more like it, wiggling back and forth because you are still reading.

And there are cables connected to everythingvines and vines of veins filled with blood filled with cells filled with microscopic things. I'm swinging from them. It's fun. Like a jungle gym.

When I let go, I'll slide down your nose and land on your lips. If you can feel me do so, tell me, so I can hear how big your voice sounds at a microscopic level. Ready? Here I go!

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