24 October 2011

Back and Forth Between You and Me

Fingeringngngngngng the keys backckck and forththth betweenenenen the laststststststststststststst twowowowowowow letters in any wordrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd whenever yououououououououou feel like it for as longngngngng as you feel like itititititit just to see whatatatatatat it feelslslslslslsls like.

After that, pat yourself on the back with a smack of the back of your hand. Flail yourself in monkey movements. Oooh ooohh ah ah aah!

Now get serious and cry out, "TEARS!"

Serious! Like someone who is really reading this and not just saying that they will read it later and not really mean it. That's it! Now, just between you and me, we're not alone. We're together in some sort of imagined dimension that we only knew existed since the invention of computers—where the past shoots through the future and haunts us with its presence. While we're here, we should try something. I'll write your words while you read my mind.

"I don't get it. This is silly. Wait. I don't say silly. I'd say something more like stupid. NO! Stop making me sound like I'm arguing with myself. Make me say something that my friends would only be able to see to believe, then I'll tweet it! By the way, I loved your book!"

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