07 November 2011

Spitting Worms

Squirt! Squirt!

There's nothing you can do about it now. The venom! The venom! Makes you see double double. It's inside your eyes eyes! Surprise! Surprise! Now you have two little worms inside your mind that will spend their whole lives looking for each other. Unless! Unless! You still have time to cross your eyes and hope that they find each other before your venom-tears dry up. If it was a success, then your thoughts will become flooded with a million baby worms and you'll suddenly feel a wave of nostalgia for these words.

And there will be so many of them that you'll even be able to see them if you squint squint! It will look like firewords! Works! Works!

And then expect to see them again in your next bowel movement along with the bodies of their parents who passed in childbirth. Gross! Gross!

04 November 2011

Dispatch from Inside the Internet

I was planted inside this website just two days ago, and already I'm overwhelmed by all the windows that have opened up to me. When I peek out of them, I see people like you staring down at me, making faces while they read. Then SLAM! They close the window abruptly, and leave me in the darkness with the ghost of the last look on their face to haunt me. It dances in the corners, and follows wherever I look. Eventually, it wears off. Spooked.

Today I saw an old woman flinch, a few coworkers who were dressed the same, a coffee shop employee drinking tea, and a lovely mother breast feeding, who was typing with one hand and cradling her baby with the other.